Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Didn't Want To Watch It TV: Conviction

Oh hi, good news, I've just got community service. During my time with my parole officer I got a chance to watch "Conviction." NBC is really pushing this and its on the website. Frankly, the "youthful" slant makes me want to hurl, but I digress. In any event, they've got "precious" write-ups on each of these characters. Ain't that sweet? The parts on here in italics are snippets from those bios. The rest of this BS is mine...

Eric Balfour as Nick Peluso...Considered to be a good lawyer by his Deputy District Attorney, Peluso just needs to reign in his personal life. It's tough to balance the social demands of being a hot twentysomething in New York City (the drinking, the women, the gambling and the late nights...

What's Up With The Moustache: I mean really, they've been trying to make Eric Balfour a star for a while, this may or might not help. And to be honest, most of the characters Balfour's played probably spell lawyer with an "o" so it's a strech that he's suddenly a Legal Beagle. And oh yeah, everyone hates Eric Balfour.

Julianne Nicholson as Christina Finn...Despite being a two-year veteran of the DA's office, Christina Finn has managed to keep her youthful optimism for the job...

McQueasy Moments: "Young." Have they rammed this aspect down own throats enough times? We get it, Sam Waterson's not on this one. Finn is basically the best character here and if you like watching Julianne Nicholson--you're stuck watching this calculating, steaming load.

Part 2: Although Nicholson is great at bumbling, self-effacing characters, I have a feeling the character's neurosis is going to be brutal in this context. On one episode Balfour's character told her how beautiful she is. Yes, the sleaziest lawyer ever tells a gal she's hot, how romantic and insulting.

J. August Richards as Billy Desmond...Ambitious, brilliant and eager to maintain his 23-0 record, Desmond is a three-year vet with 15 felony convictions under his belt. Book smart, versus his coworker Peluso's innate ability, Desmond likes to keep his eye on the prize.

Explanation: In short, way boring. This character seems especially poorly written. As shows like Grey's Anatomy can actually have black males as three dimensional characters, I don't think "Conviction" can do it--well they sure didn't do it in the shows I've seen. The best they came up with was his character setting up Finn on a blind date. That's pitiful.

Anson Mount as Jim Steele- Steele has a quiet way about him that belies his true wit and intelligence. Charged with leading young, green ADAs into "battle", Steele's calm, cool and collected demeanor...

Retread: Oh, that's enough. I can't believe L&O went all "Courthouse" on us with this stolid, bland character. Have characters like this ever worked? Dick Wolf should be ashamed!

Stephanie March as Alexandra Cabot...Alexandra Cabot originally joined the "Special Victims Unit" as the Assistant District Attorney overseeing the squads arrets...She has now reemerged to guide a new crop of ADAs through the hectic and often dangerous New York legal system...

The Crone: Got to love the slant here, March is pretty much the pegged as the older, more experienced lady--at 32. Gag. The girl who replaced March on L&O SVU is really annoying.

Jordan Bridges as Nick Potter...As Nick Potter, a lawyer from an "old money" family of prominence, Bridges leaves his comfortable and cushy job at a private law firm to join the chaotic New York district attorney's office...

Who Are They Talking About: "Bridges" leaves? How about Nick Potter? See they don't even know who they're talking about. I can't believe people are writing characters like this anyway. Heh, he looks like Fred Savage.

Milena Govich as Jessica Rossi... Rossi comes from the tough side of the tracks. If she didn't become a lawyer, she just might have wound up on the other side of the law--alongside a few of her family members.

What Else Is On?: Rossi will be a character to test viewers patience. There's simply no two ways about it, you'll either not like her or not like her.

Grade: C
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