Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kind of Watching It TV: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Finally a show that's quiet. Sadly, I think I've gone back to basics to soothe my frazzled nerves. And really what better way to do that than to watch the visual Prozac that is Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I recently caught a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood from the early '80s, this was before the drugs, the drinking took their toll.

The topic of the day was oranges. Rogers started off with the good stuff. He had a little pot and soil, got an orange, showed a seed. But his investigative mind wouldn't let it rest. He "mysteriously" got a "film" from the always weird Mr. McFeeley. Despite the film tin displayed, this was a video. I was particularly taken with seeing the potentially unsanitary conditions where things like orange juice are made. I've got to say it was unsettling to see the drain pipe like apparatuses that gave us our Tropicana and Donald Duck.

Rogers also visited Brockett's Bakery. See, that's that keen mind, he needed to see oranges in a desert or something of that nature. We did, a nice orange cake. I've got a complaint about Mr. Rogers. I totally saw him touching that cake and he clearly didn't wash his hands. Here's a note to Mr. Rogers: Wash your hands!

After all of that gushing over that orange cake and the wonders of soy, that jackass ended up picked up a loaf of bread. He asked us if we had seen a breadbox before. Yes, we have and he'll see it again three weeks down the line with those slices covered in mold.

Mr. Rogers ignored my requests for a sandwich and had to take it to Kidtown as that weird ol' trolley came roaring back. That I didn't understand. Here we were doing grown-up stuff, smoking, drinking orange juice and here comes the trolley again? Bad call. I got a chance to see a few puppets drink orange juice and then I turned the channel and saw "Ellen" wearing some odd hat.

Missing In Action: King Friday didn't make an appearance in this episode due to a protracted and particularly nasty contract negotiations.
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