Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ted Koppel Joins Pop Culture Idiot

Now some good news. As it turns out Ted Koppel isn't going the Discovery Channel as touted in a "bogus" story He's going to join me and just might be the host of a television program, we'll see...


A little more than a month after retiring from a 42-year career at ABC News, Ted
Koppel is diving back into journalism with a multiyear agreement to produce work and do blog entries for a new enterprise entitled, "Jason Elias: Pop Culture Idiot."

Terms of the deal aren't known. It's clear that Jason Elias's worth is down to pennies so this is obviously a labor of love for the newsman. In an interview Wednesday afternoon, Koppel said Pop Culture Idiot was an ideal place for him and he was amazed Elias was still walking the streets after losing his mind years ago.

Koppel will be managing editor, a job title he held on Nightline.
"You know, if Jason can get off his lazy ass and I can whip my addiction to hard core porn, we might actually go somewhere," Koppel joked. Elias entered the room, exchanged words and Koppel slapped Elias to the ground with an old-fashioned backhand. Charges are still pending...
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