Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pop Culture Idiot: Achiever of the Minute: The Five Heartbeats

You know, you cannot have any comprehensive music collection without the Five Heartbeats. What a great group. There was a time when you either had to be a Temptations fan or a Five Heartbeat fan, I was always a Heartbeats fan. I first saw them when they performed at the prison where I was residing. I later got a chance to talk with the guys and we all had a good laugh over the loose talk that said they were a "fake group" and they "didn't exist." Eddie King told me that after I serve my 1,203 year sentence I could be their road manager.

The Five Heartbeats are just great. While most groups of the time were recording and playing dates, these innovators also had a camera crew follow them around. In a way, they broached the reality aspect of the business before anyone. And those hits. There isn't a day that goes by where I hear "I've Got Nothing But Love." I've got a word for the haters, that song totally wasn't created in 1991. If there's anything to be said about the Five Heartbeats, it's that they crammed 20 odd years of living in 90 minutes....

Great News: I've been tapped to compile a greatest hits compilation for the guys. Here's a partial song list...

"I Really Don't Care If I Rains"
"I Can Help Myself"
"Papa Was A Nice, Nice Man"
"Way Over The Boardwalk"
"Toot, Toot Toostie, Jason's Blog Sucks"
"In the Midnight Hour, Or 7 ish? It's Your Call"
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