Monday, January 23, 2006

Jennifer Aniston: What Happened to Voxxy?

Today's puzzler comes courtesy of Jennifer Aniston's involvement with a much ballyhooed yet stalled website, Voxxy. The whole thing started with a lot of bells and whistles during its 2000 internet extravaganzy. You know, I was interested in how Jennifer was going to deal with the issues that faced young women. The sad thing is after the launch I never thought about Voxxy again. Well, that's not true, I did think about it again--just yesterday. I guess I missed a few internet chats huh?

Not So Fast: Seems I didn't miss a darned thing. Despite the write-ups in Variety, People, Oui, Grit, Popular Mechanics and Sport, Voxxy faded out as soon as it began. I'm saddened by that fact.

Tales of an Internet Scavenger: I've been poking around what's left of the site and it's not a whole heck of a lot. What is still online is something I enjoy, in fact I visit it because it's like a snapshot in time. A time when Jennifer Aniston didn't set my teeth on edge.

What Happened to Voxxy, An Idiot's Take: Don't have a clue. Although the website was created by other women, Aniston apparently was the most recognizable face for the whole deal. Aniston was signed on to do 13 half-hour episodes for the network. One word: I'm still waiting...
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