Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dr. Phil and Flirtin' With Disaster

What a revoltin' development. According to the trades and a cringe-worthy commercial, it seems that Dr. Phil is joining the fine folks at Goody gumdrops. For his part Dr. Phil has offered a MindFindBind plan that's guaranteed for singles to find one another. Yay Dr. Phil! You know it sounds like a good idea, but there's some things we have to keep in mind. Dr. Phil is right about 60% of the time. Those stats aren't great in "amour." Phil's getting paid for this disaster/excursion. And last but not least, love sucks. Other than that, it sounds great.

The Review: I'm not a full subscriber but I did get a chance to see a little video tease of the product. It's mostly Dr. Phil talking in a casual setting with about 6 or 7 people. No doubt it's the best moments culled from a dreary, mandated get-togethers. As for the man of the hour, he's as blah as ever. In a way, I think it's great that Phil's reheated blarney is given such a nifty presentation. There's some nice fake patter too...

Random Thoughts: I could have sworn Dr. Phil was in cahoots with another online dating deal. As of this writing Phil's has been double dealing with Perfect Match too. Cheater!

A case study for Dr. Phil. I've been an intermittent member of actually sent me an email and said I was undateable. I have action figures, I'm a geek and an idiot. Women just love that...
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