Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Songs I'll Always Hate

I have an ok collection of songs, but I'm proud to say I've never had most of these songs. Never ever, in fact it makes me sad even thinking about some of these crimes aganist humanity...

Taco- Puttin' On The Ritz I was just watching a rerun of VH-1's One Hit Wonders and I heard this little ear ache committed to vinyl. Got to say, what a disgusting/vile song. This of course was the 1982 remake of a song made famous by Fred Astaire. With it's faux, old-timey underpinnings, Taco's droning, "droll" vocal, it's the worst. Let's not even discuss that hideous synth throughout.

Jason-O-Meter: I hate this song the best.

Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne- You're A Friend of Mine-For a song I haven't heard in years, this piece o' garbage just reverberates. What an atrocity. This track was from Clemons's 1985 album, Hero. If I remember Bruce Springsteen (Clarence's actual friend) was supposed to appear on the track. He didn't and Jackson Browne of all people, played the friend here. Here's my "favorite" lyric...

"That argument
I can't forget
We fought so hard I don't think I've recovered yet
The girls we knew
Who thought you were cool
I never introduced my favorite ones to you..."

A Cry For Help: This song makes me want to hurt myself....

The Video: It's even worse. It's a bunch of hooey, bogus frivolity with Browne's then girlfriend Darryl Hannah videotaping the "proceedings" and she sings backup on this disaster.

A Complaint: It was tough finding a pic of Clemons and Browne together. They ain't friends, they were lyin'!

Donna Summer-She Works Hard For The Money- I've always been a big Donna Summer fan. But somewhere along the way, Summer seemed to zap sex out of her whole deal. This is her biggest hit from that era. The zippy synths and Summer's so-so vocal makes for a toxic mix for me. So much so, I spared Irene Cara's "Flashdance" to whine about my hatred for this one.

Recap: There's no excuse...

Off The List!

James Brown-Living In America- This song always made my shortlist of dreaded efforts from talented acts. You know what was wrong? I kept hearing the wrong mix, version, etc. In any event I did hear a really nice version, it totally changed my mind about the song.

Favorite Line: "All night diners/Keep you awake/With hot coffee/And a hard roll." Heh heh, I can laugh about that all day...
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