Friday, December 30, 2005

Larry King Live: Moment of Shame

I'm a tattle tale and I'm telling on Larry King. I didn't want anyone to think this was an arbitrary call. I was about to let up on King until I saw this disaster. While this is old news, this conversation is classic and oddly enough the media didn't pick up on it. Until now...

The Setup: The Apprentice 4 folks, Randall Pinkett, Rebecca Jarvis and Donald Trump showed up on CNN's Larry King Live a few days after Pinkett's victory. Of course Pinkett also made the news when he squashed Trump's idea of hiring the runner-up Rebecca "Crutches Girl" Jarvis. No shock there. Still people like King wanted to find some issue to whine about. Here's a snippet from the unfortunate conversation between King and Donald Trump...

KING: By the way, can you unequivocally say that race had nothing to do with this?

TRUMP: Absolutely. Of course it didn't. Why would I have picked Randal if it did, Larry? You're just doing that because you want to get a couple of rating points yourself.

I don't know what you're talking about. On one of my notes here said that -- I don't get bloggers. I don't how to reach a blogger.

Hey, Larry, can I tell you what? I don't even think your question is appropriate.

Well, I'm told that some bloggers are saying it.

TRUMP: I don't know if you are told that, Larry. I don't even think your question is appropriate. I picked Randal. If race was a part of it, I wouldn't have picked Randal. So I just think your question is totally inappropriate.

All right. All I'm telling you is that my notes say that some bloggers are saying that.

TRUMP: OK. I'm sure they say that.

I don't even know how to touch a blog. Do you know how to get a blog?

Larry, I'm sure your notes say that, but I think your question is inappropriate.

KING: If it's inappropriate, I apologize to you, Donald. Is that OK?

Yes, that's fine.

Do you know how to reach a blogger?

TRUMP: I have no idea. Everybody that works for me knows. Me? I have no interest.

KING: I have no idea how to reach a blogger. I've never sent an e-mail. I don't know what I'm doing.

He knows excatly what he's doing. What a shameful display that was. Got to hand it to Stephen Hawking. He exacerbated an already ridiculously overwrought situation and got a case of the stupids when Donald Trump didn't play along.

King sure did turn into a Chatty Cathy in that "interview" didn't he? And really, what multi-media person doesn't know about e-mail at this point. What, does he use a stork to send those bogus movie reviews? Please...

Truth In A Sad Backscramble: When Larry said, "I don't know what I'm doing" it was the best thing he ever said. It was like music to my ears and I agree. I agree!

A pic of Randal when we started this blog together...
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