Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pop Culture Idiot Achiever Of The Minute: Gene Rayburn's Microphone

You know I started to phase out my little 'ol award but I saw something that totally brought me back. Gene Rayburn's Microphone. I find it fascinating. Sadly I'm not the only one. Many people have been discussing this too. In fact I'm just back from the Gene Rayburn's Microphone Convention. What a time I had.

Fans waiting patiently for a mere glimpse of Gene Rayburn's Mircophone.

In a sense, Gene Rayburn's microphone is unavoidable. If you want to watch Match Game, there it is. Recently I saw a Fannie Flagg episode where Gene's mic really looked bad. According to reports it was at this point Gene had not only named it but gave it its own private room while traveling. Gene Rayburn's mic was addicted to crack.

You'd think that contraption would have been hauled off to the Smithsonian. Not quite. When they did a Match Game like segment on Soap Talk, a game show host proudly stated that he was using Gene Rayburn's microphone. A quick, commiserate gasp could be heard. Ahh so what. We all know Gene's gone, it's not like the mic's alive or anything. You know it's simple, plug it in, don't or snap it across your knee like a twig. That's what I'd like to do. People my age are making so much progress and here I am someone who would derive tons of pleasure by getting into a Mack truck, pulling the horn and flattening that mic like a pancake.

Sharing a laugh with Tom Cruise as we reminisce about Gene Rayburn...
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