Saturday, December 10, 2005

Getting Up and Going Home: A Review

For the UK release they re-titled this "Unfaithful." And of course like most releases like this, those pics aren't from the film...

Nothing but the classics...1992's Getting Up and Going Home is the type of movie that offers me a paradigm of what to become: A dude sleeping with three women at once and chalking it up to finding himself. Great stuff. In this Skerritt plays Jack Montgomery a college professor who is turning 50. Tom has some great relationships here. Blythe Danner plays his wife. You know, they've been together a while, have older kids, I think she's in to gardening or something. In this movie they are separating or in the process of it. I can't remember. From what I can remember she looked good in this, probably enough for any man. But if you're bored and "reflective" then all bets are off.

Skerritt meets a married woman Roma Downey. This was before Downey f'ed everything up with that poison called Botox and plastic surgery. They hook up a few times--had fun, all that good stuff. Still Tom Skerritt is searching and in his quest he finds Georgie from Sisters. Of course that's Julianne Phillips. Wow, she's not exactly Dame Judi Dench, but she's rocking and can play different variations of Julianne Phillips better than anybody.

Long story short, Tom Montgomery is juggling these three at the same time. A one-date Johnny/Transition Guy like me can't even fathom that. I've forgotten who he ended up with and I'm probably hard-wired to fall asleep on this at the exact same place...

Mr. Short Term Memory: Yeah, I have seen this 3 to 4 times--and the recall is foggy.

Inner Monologue: I'm a jackass
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