Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Members Only Jacket

That jacket's smooth!

I was a member of this elite club. It's not something I like to talk about, I don't like to brag. In short order The Members Only coats took the place of the satiny, baseball jacket that had a great run from 1979 to about 1983. It was a changing of the guard that was needed. Really if you didn't have a Members Only jacket, you were S.O.L. All of the cool people had them...

You had to have been there...I can't tell you what great nights and "activities" I got into with the aid of my Members Only jacket. Great times, women just loved those clips and snaps. According to the Members Only site, I was fashion forward and the label is like Perry Ellis and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Members Only Jackets, What The Hell Happened?: The most unsettling chapter in the Members Only history is exactly who started wearing those jackets. In a cruel twist of fate, the folks that invested so much in their flashy looks got their fashion savvy co-opted. By who? The squares. By the mid to late '80s and if you were Lorne Greene and Wilford Brimley or stalking Matt Houston, chances are you were wearing a Members Only jacket. Today classic MO jackets are often worn to seem retro. To err on the side of caution--MO's should be worn only by the real true Members who know that this is serious business.

There's a pic of a jacket like the one I had. Last I heard, it's in college, on top of all of its studies and having a great time...
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