Monday, December 19, 2005

Horror Movie of the Year: The Miami Vice Trailer

I've had the good fortune to view the trailer from the highly anticipated film Miami Vice. The verdict? Not great. If I'm being totally honest, it made me sick to my stomach. More honesty? It's like a bad dream. The trailer for the movie of course is from an update to the popular and influential 1984-89 series. According to the synopsis on the Universal site, movie will be in the present, retain the original characters, their names and have different actors playing them. Oh goody.

Whether this a blockbuster or a full-fledged bomb, I'm not interested in this film. The casting seems off. Farrell, while a good actor doesn't possess what made Sonny Crockett accessible and likeable. Jamie Foxx as Ricardo Tubbs? Not quite. More than anything Tubbs was cool. At this point a large portion of Foxx's career has been the pursuit of trying to be cool and never quite getting there. In fact all of the problems are clearly evident in the trailer. And I have to say whatever accent Colin Farrell is using--it's very odd.

The nerve of them actually doing this again. People can say what they want, those two jackasses aren't Crockett and Tubbs. In case folks need to 'fresh their memories, I've enclosed a pic of the real Crockett and Tubbs, Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas. Now run tell that!

Disclaimer: Sorry for the strident tone it only means I'm very pissed off at the very idea of this movie.

Disclaimer 2: Don't believe that for a second, I'm not sorry, in fact I'm glad I said it. Glad I tell you...

Trailer: C-

Here's a clip...
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