Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kind of Watching It TV/ElimiDATE

I don't catch this show on a regular basis, the brutal honesty and exits hit to close to home, but I did have the good fortune to see the celebrity entries of the program, Leif Garrett and Adrian Zmed.

Super spy Leif Garrett disguised as Dirty Jeans Magillicutty.

It was pretty difficult to see Garrett in this setting. And you know what? His potential dates weren't rocking. Anyway Garrett soldiered on, asking lame questions and getting stupider replies. To many, Leif probably blew all of his "cool" points here when he reenacted Chevy Chase's "Born to Love You" Caddyshack shtick. I've always hated that...

For their date with Leif, the girls also got to lay down some tracks in a studio. They couldn't sing. Leif sounded horrible too. It was perfect. Despite the phony date chat, Leif could only pick one. The woman Leif was left standing with was pretty darn forgettable too. He seemed happy though. When you think about it, it's great to see him. I actually think he's an ok guy.

Frankly I was shocked to see Adrian Zmed participate. It's not like I thought he was some great lothario, but you'd think being Adrian Zmed gets your foot in the door. But you know this is kind of a cool way to meet women. Anyway Zmed played the master of ceremonies with his three choices. Can't say I saw the next Mrs. Zmed but I don't know a heck of a lot. Instead of calling me, his best bud, Adrian asked his best friend, actress Marissa Jaret Winokur to help him choose. She offered her opinion and Leif, I mean, Adrian didn't listen. His head's as thick as a bag of bricks. Damn you Zmed!

Adrian taught his dates some fresh Dance Fever moves. None of the girls kept up especially well. Always the perfectionist we saw Zmed's blood boil when they couldn't pick up his instructions for "The Snake." "You lead with your head," Adrian explained. Great to know. After all that disco dancing, Zmed picked the dark horse in the race. Good call. Often that works out. The ones that Zmed didn't pick formed a tenuous bond and walked down the street hand in hand. That was a great scene.

A pic of Zmed when he served on the police force with Captain Kirk...
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