Wednesday, December 07, 2005

American Idol: Arrested Edition

Here's some bad news about a young woman who was almost a Pop Culture Idiot Achiever, Julia DeMato. Turns out that American Idol good girl DeMato was arrested for drugs. De Mato was killing time at a parking lot of a closed restaurant. The police showed up and she totally didn't ace her sobriety exam. She was boozing it up. Two marijuana pipes and cocaine were found at the scene. DeMato stated the following, "I am not a drug user...It's going to be taken care of in court and that's that." That's that huh? She better not take that attitude with the judge...Seems like DeMato's not the only American Idol contestant who's been arrested. Here's a few...

You know, Clark would have been forgotten--if he hadn't have been booted for his arrest. The AI orbit was rocked when it was found out that Clark put the slaps down on his sister. Corey had to head for home after that one. A couple of years later he did resurface; as an ex-contestant whining about Paula Abdul wherever there was a boom mike. Clark also made a song about Abdul called, "Paulatics." Oh, that's silly, I'm never going to hear it...

A Rant, A Whine: You know candor's all well and good but all of that boo-hooing over Paula Abdul made him look like a big-time wimp. I bet you can't even give those CD's away. Then again, I bet you could, everyone needs coasters...

This is Scott Savol, or Scott Stavol. How could we forget this AI talent. With his stolid stage presence and so-so voice, he won a lot of hearts. And he's clearly broken a few too. Savol was arrested in 2001 getting into a fight with his girlfriend and turning a phone into a deadly weapon. I was particularly upset about that, it was my phone.

What's Up With Scott: Not much but solid gold classics. His biggest hit so far is "I Hit My Girlfriend With Jason's Phone."

Bo Bice was known as one of the "rockers." It seems that Bice's rock n' roll style wasn't just whistling dixie. Before AI, Bo rocked, rolled and got arrested for drug posession, twice. Pot n' coke were on the menu those evenings.

The Downside: His record probably prevented him from winning the AI title. As for DeMato, it got her in the news again. Yay Dope!
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