Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vanilla Coke: Discontinued

Someone sent me an email detailing Vanilla Coke's being the drink of all of the "cool" people. I did think about it, but before I made the decision, I wanted to do some research. Bad news. Coca-Cola is discontinuing the much-loved soft drink beverage.

Vanilla Coke did indeed have a short shelf life. It debuted in late 2002. Consumers were greeted with an odious, expensive ad campaign that featured Simon Cowell and Chazz Palminteri. The commercial had Palimenteri as some "crime boss" hassling the world's biggest critic, Cowell. Missy Elliot appeared in a commercial too. Funny stuff if funny means something that is totally uninteresting and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Come to think of it, that was perfect for Vanilla Coke.

Although it did seem like a promising concept, things either have to taste good, have some medicinal properties or give you a buzz to get repeat customers. Vanilla Coke did none of that. And if you didn't get the news, let me say it again, Vanilla Coke is over. Why does saying that give me so much joy...

A Review From Someone Who Used To Chew Aluminum Foil:
Got to say it was a great idea. However, I knew trouble was coming when I popped the cap. The vanilla used smelled like imitation vanilla, it was basically a cake in a can. In layman's terms, it tasted all kinds of bad.

As of early 2006 Vanilla Coke will be available in other places except the US. Finally some good news...
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