Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Jason Alexander: KFC Gate

I made a promise to be the blog of record concerning what happened with Jason Alexander and his brief affliation with Kentucky Fried Chicken. It seems that the world doesn't want this info to be common knowledge. I say, why not. Here's what I've uncovered...

"...The deplorable conditions that turned the funnyman into a hero...

Although I thought Jason was dropped due to his underwhelming performance, turns out it was something far more sinister. Alexander had aligned with PETA. It seems the animal rights group bent the ear of the then yardbird hustler. Well it was more than that. PETA also showed George facts, photos and video of how KFC treated its chickens. Alexander was appalled. Jason also couldn't overlook the fact that killing chickens was part of KFC's money making scheme. The madness has to stop.

Alexander, with his head full of hooey and steam actually attempted to talk with KFC about improving the condition of the chickens. Yeah, like that was going to happen. One would have to assume it was a foolhardy mission of the kamikaze variety. Colonel Sanders himself showed him the door.

The Damage: A lot. The world was gyped out of seeing those entertaining and uplifting KFC spots featuring Jason Alexander.

Did Alexander's plight help the chickens cause: Nope

Foghorn Leghorn listens as George gets fired...
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