Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pop Culture Idiot Achiever of the Minute: Where's Waldo

You know, after careful consideration I'm picking Waldo as my Pop Culture Achiever of the Minute. Why not? He'd never rifle through my personal belongings like Jeroen Krabbe. I bet Waldo's a better sport than Gerald Ford ever was. Really, thinking about Waldo has made me see how fickle our culture of celebrity is.

In the early '90s we came together as nation to search for one young man, our moral center--Waldo. While no one told us he was missing, we all did a gut check and decided to look for him anyway. It's part of the job description of being a can-do American. Who could forget that Barbara Walters Special he did in 1992. It seems a crying and full of contrition Waldo brought us all together. Then he was gone, again. Looking through crowds of people, we often did find Waldo. But as sneaky and elusive as he could be, he repeatedly slipped through our fingers. By the mid '90s, there was a war going on, folks were choosing sides and sadly the "Where's Waldo" search had to be put on indefinite hiatus like a crappy sitcom.

A Plea: Despite all of the havoc he's wreaked, I say we should lay down our arms and let Waldo become a full-fledged member of society once again...

Ah, maybe not...
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