Friday, November 04, 2005

David Bowie and Mick Jagger-Dancing in the Street


The nightmare continues.... The nightmare in this instance is the David Bowie/Mick Jagger cover of "Dancing in the Street" from 1985. It all started out so innocently. This "get together" was due in part to Live Aid. Although both of them performed at the concert (not together thankfully) the video and song were also a part of the package. If the two did the duet together at Wembley or Philadelphia, it might have been too much for us all.

The song was forgettable enough with its zippy synths and phoned in performances. This is a landmine of inapproriate stuff all around. "Dancing in the Street" typifies Big 80's wretchedness. It's a Motown desecration. The Martha and the Vandellas original had been acknowledged as a civil rights anthem. Nothing is like that here. You know what's here? Tons o' love and affection even if it is uncomfortable for, well, everyone. It has been said that this video facillitated the very idea of Hands Across America.

About that video. Such a display. Mick and David gyrated near one another, mugged and basically had the casual ease of two folks who probably had sex together. The pictures included capture that obvious, hurl-worthy chemistry. How did the guys really feel? Jagger seems to be more flippant here, coy even--seemingly trying to ignore Bowie's advances. And about Bowie. His girlish glee was more girlish than I've seen from any woman. Frankly I hadn't seen anything from him like this during this era or after. Thank god.

An Idiot's Regret: That Robert Plant wasn't included...
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