Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Kind of Watching It Movies: My Girl

This charming coming of age movie from 1991 centered on one Vada Sultenfuss, or as my fellow dyslexics might call her, Zeda Wockenfuss. Vada was of course played by Anna Chlumsky. My Girl was the tale of a young girl and her widowed mortician dad played by Dan Aykroyd. This movie was set in 1971. While this is Chlumsky's debut, My Girl also featured Macaulay Culkin as the doomed Thomas Jay Sennett. There are some nice touches throughout. Anna wanted to be a writer so she wasn't a smart alecky "sitcom" kid. Jamie Lee Curtis played a makeup artist who got the job to work on the folks at Anna's dad's funeral home.

I have to say, I was a bit tired viewing this movie again. And you know what? The spot-on period detail and intelligence of the script was overshadowed by one fact: Macaulay Culkin's death scene. At 3:20 AM I wanted to see Thomas J. stung by bees. It's a sad request from a sad man. Seeing the movie I knew that Vada and Thomas J.'s summer frolicking was going to lead to big time disaster. In fact I saw a teaser, the kids with the bees, but it wasn't the scene. The bad news? I missed it and woke up with Macaulay Culkin in a casket. You know all of the rock n' roll faves and nice atmosphere can't withstand that downer and My Girl ran out of gas for me shortly after.

An Idiot's Take: This was good, not great as I thought it was. Really the whole thing makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

Wow, it is a turf war on a global scale...
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