Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Congrats To Will Smith For His American Music Award Win

Wow, the folks at the American Music Awards finally got it right. It's been a tremendous year for Will Smith the recording artist. His single "Switch" was barely a hit, the album it came from, Lost and Found is barely known. Those facts make me believe that this is the best choice and one that took a lot of courage.

Certainly a lot of people will disagree and say, "Will Smith? I didn't know he was still recording." Others might laugh, "That's a great pick, if it's still 1999." Smith won in the Rock/Pop category aganist 50 Cent and Rob Thomas. It was a lesser of three evils things going on. Let's face it, the Grammies have lost their luster, the American Music Awards have always been definitive. So much so, I'd like to remember a few other acts who were oh so deserving.

1996 was known as Garth Brooks Time. Well not really. Brooks took off for a year, released Fresh Horses the previous year. Garth really wasn't around, well we did spend time together fixing up houses for folks. History shows that for better or worse, Hootie and the Blowfish were the clear choice for this. The ever cautious Clark caved into the non Hootie and the Blowfish contigent (those who liked good songs and non corny bands)and went with the safe choice: An act who didn't deserve the honor at the time.

Here's a snippet of Brooks's heart-warming acceptance speech: "So you'll know right off the bat, I cannot agree with this... Music is made up of a lot of people, and if we're one artist short, then we all become a lesser music. So, without any disrespect to the American Music Awards, and without any disrespect to any fans who voted, to all the people who should be honored with this award..."

Garth came with it! This is what he said about the award: "...I'm gonna leave it right here..." Dick Clark was used and abused. I've got to hand it to Garth, he manned up on that one. There have been a ton of awards not deserved yet handed out to guys like this...

What a hellish alliance Dick Clark and these guys cooked up. Alabama won a staggering 23 American Music Awards and a lot of them weren't deserved one iota. At a certain point Alabama were winning awards for simply catching breath. They finished up their "winning" streak with 2003's Award of Merit.

An Idiot's Reflection: You know when Alabama won for Best Bicycle Spoke, Coolest Unmanned Spaceship and Favorite Supermodel, that's when it became a problem...
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