Friday, October 21, 2005

Wow, You Can Actually Call These Stars...

You know I was puttering around the net and I stumbled across this monstrosity and I couldn't believe my eyes. Sadly, our ears and wallets are also a part of this bargain. It seems that a few of our favorite celebrities have been filling their coffers via phone messages and video calls. Good lord. I have to admit while this isn't prostitution or another disturbing occupation, I was shocked by a few of them. Disappointed? Close. Here's a few of them.

That's David Keith. David Keith. Sometimes seeing a person on a service like this is way awkward. This is one of those times. Keith strikes me as the mercurial sort. Here you are ready to chew the fat for your 15 minutes and David puts the phone down, steps away and shoots the receiver. One word for that: Refund.

Well this one's totally expected. Yep, that pic and the one at the post office match up, that's Dennis Haskins. Haskins has been taking Mr. Belding to the bank for close to 50 years. Off the top of my noggin, I can't think of a darned thing to talk about with Mr. Belding. That's the good news.

Lorenzo Lamas? What in the world? Looks like Lorenzo's a bit on the pricey side in the Hollywoodiscalling ranks. You've got to love that "duh" expression in that pic. According to the site, Lorenzo's unavailible to speak with at the present time. I can't think of a reason to call him anyway..

An idiot's quandary. After I was just dismissing this very idea look who joined the party. That's Piggy Thomas from Road Rules. She always struck me as very interesting person, I bet she's fun to talk with too.

Other people on the site: Ron Pallio, Larry Thomas, the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, Tony Todd. Oops, that's enough...
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