Sunday, October 23, 2005

Adam Bricker, What?

You know I've been thinking about a lot of things, oddly enough nothing's more pressing. Here's the elephant on the Lido Deck? How did this guy get to sleep with so many women on his show. I'm sure we're all familiar with the concept of fantasy, but this was ridiculous. I'm not exactly Lando Calrissian so I'm not even going to talk about Bricker's agressively mediocre looks. But good lord, the writers gave this dude a lot of action. Me? The very idea of this guy's doctor's office and bedroom being a revolving door is a wee too much for me to fathom. Heh, I said "fathom."

Even from the beginning it was clear that Adam was going to be the show's resident horn dog. Of course there were other actors there like Ted Lange, Fred Grandy and of course the ladies favorite, Gavin McLeod. If my memory serves, ol' Adam was doing more than holding hands and making all kinds of plans. Ever wonder about Adam's ratio compared to the other guys? Well Bricker's conquests were safely in the triple digits. Between Issac and Gopher? Less than me. Merill Stubbing ended up with Mrs. Cunningham. Totally slanted.

Pop Culture Idiot Fact: Adam Bricker had a full head of hair, Bernie Kopell was going down Gavin McLeod lane and sported a toupee.

Bricker: The Later Seasons: Much like Lamont got oddly somnolent and dull during those final seasons of Sanford and Son, so did the Love Boat's anchor Adam Bricker. America has never recovered...

Vincent Price says, "We spent some time with Adam too! It was delightful..."
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