Thursday, October 20, 2005

James Brown: Pop Culture Achiever of the Minute

James Brown hanging out with Muhammad Ali...

It seems that I've had some turmoil on my blog. It's come to my attention that Gerald Ford has been derelict in his duties as a "Pop Culture Achiever." He even fired off a nasty email. Jerry's new to the information super highway, he sent it to me 15 times. With a mailbox full of nonsense and a lazy-ass achiever, it's with great sadness that I bid Gerald Ford adieu.

On to the good stuff. Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you. I'm going to celebrate James Brown, but with a catch, it's only for the years he wore a moustache. Brown fans know that era was from roughly from 1974 to 1978. Great days indeed. James Brown covered a lot of ground during that time. "The Payback" was his first gold album. It's also a time when he released 1,030 45's. Brown can be seen during this time by way of his appearance in the film 1996's When We Were Kings. The film captured Brown and his band performing in 1974.

A Fast Moustache Fact: In the printings of Rolling Stone's Illustrated History of Rock N' Roll they used a pic of James from this time frame. The caption stated that James Brown's moustache "didn't last." I disagree, James Brown's moustache is forever.

The Drawbacks: James Brown's moustache made him look shorter and like a dictator.
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