Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Thinking About Chunky A

Chunky A living the life fandango....

I've been thinking about those early days of rock n’ roll. You know, Timmy T., Stevie B. and of course the legendary Tommy Page. They all made me think of yet another icon, Chunky A. There’s a word I don’t throw around lightly, it’s become a cliché but here goes it; Chunky A was a recording artist. He certainly had his eye to what the kids were listening to. In fact, the hideous sales amount of his classic, Large and In Charge just let me know the world wasn’t quite ready for him. But then again some called Chunky A an “embarrassment” and they called him, “the lamest prank ever.”

I don’t agree, and neither did Arsenio Hall. Chunky A and Hall were legendary close friends, so much so they never appeared in public together. It was said that neither one wanted to hog the spotlight from their “friend.” That’s dandy.

Item: After delivering the dance floor classic, “Owww” we waited for Chunky A to release that all-important follow-up. It didn’t happen. Chunky was released from his MCA contract and the world didn't hear from him again.

Oh yeah, Robert Stack's no longer with us...
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