Monday, October 03, 2005

Guys Next Door

Now these guys were the real deal Holyfield. You know I can't think of a group who did the same thing these guys did. I'd be hard pressed to think of an act (that existed concurrently) who accomplished ten times the amount of success the Guys Next Door attained. Ok, I can think of one but that does not diminish GND's fabulous run of hits. TV stars? That's purely coincidental. They were on other level; musical innovators. Despite the fact that the world is still clamoring for something called "a comeback" believe it or not, GND's run wasn't that long. They had a NBC Saturday morning program that ran from August 1990 to January 1991. Kids across the globe shared their late summer, fall and early winter with their heroes and they never forgot. And sadly due to their notoriety of the time, I'm certain some young groupies have "special" memories of one or all five of these jokers. Show business--you've got to love it.

Recorded history: The Guys actually managed to eek out 2 top 40 hits for SBK Records. The songs include the classics, "Magic Night," "Telephone Talking" and "Bust Your Attitude." Even a cursory look at a chart of the time sees the guys sharing the limelight with textbook music non-entities like George Michael, Whitney Houston and Eric Clapton...
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