Thursday, October 06, 2005

Larry "Bud" Melman vs. Calvert DeForest

Well I got the shock of a lifetime, I was Larry “Bud” Melman is still alive. Yeah, I know. I could have sworn I saw a David Letterman clip show of Larry Bud’s “classics" with slow motion and the tell tale two dates at the end deal.

Larry’s demise was a possibility--but Larry didn’t fulfill his end of the bargain. That’s good news for us, yet totally ho-hum for that team of assassins who hunt Melman for sport. Here’s the back story. He was a hilarious fixture on the classic NBC show Late Night with David Letterman. Of course after Letterman moved to CBS, NBC wouldn’t let Letterman or Melman keep the “Larry “Bud” Melman name. Melman returned to his given name Calvert DeForest.

Even during the peak of his involvement with Letterman, DeForest seemed to low-ball it. His lowlights include, Mr. Write,the odious 30 minute video, The Couch Potato Workout and Encino Woman. It’s safe to say Merchant and Ivory weren’t responsible of any of those gems. Although they gave it a go, DeForest/Mehlman seemed to be the one thing that didn’t translate that well for David and his new program...

Pop Culture Idiot Lesson of the Day: Larry "Bud" Melman? Funny. Calvin DeForest--not so much...
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