Friday, October 07, 2005

Nick, Jessica and Nipsey Russell...

Oh hi. You know, having to adhere to the strict guidelines my "work release" program often hampers my output. Might as well get to it, waiting isn't going to make me like this batch of folks any better.

The debacle revisited...I hope he's happy now. After the outcome of the Dancing with the Stars competition, J. Peterman got pissed. He pitched a fit, ranted/raved and even took the low road and sounded off on Kelly Monaco's nude photos. There's only one thing to say about that: Thanks for the heads up. In the final "showdown" O' Hurley did indeed win. He won the first time. Look at Kelly, so happy about the outcome. She's a trouper.

The True Award: Big nothing. Little do Monaco and O'Hurley know but having Tom Bergeron and Lisa Canning preside over anything means the whole thing isn't worth a tinker's damn. Both O'Hurley and Monaco's earnings went to charity. Nice, they're still way puerile though...

They were happy about John's win...

Nick and Jessica. Talk about a give up the ghost award. Who doesn't want this to end at this point. This is brutal. Frankly I was shocked to see this "news" item over a bunch of more important stories. But then again Nick and Jessica do supersede frivolous bunk like hurricanes and terrorist threats. Their union certainly wasn't charmed to being with. From Jessica acting like a moron to Nick being a total jackass, we're all but begging for confirmation that this is over.

Nipsey Russell You can thank Nick and Jessica for knocking this off the front page. If you didn't know, it's my displeasure to share this industry knowledge, we lost frequent Match Game guest Nipsey Russell. Frankly I don't believe he's gone, he looks as fit as a fiddle in that pic.

Back at the set: Bart Braverman wrestles Dick Martin to the ground to get Nipsey's seat.
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