Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lionel Jefferson, Both Of Them...

You know, this is interesting stuff. I find it more captiving than the two Darrin's. This is about the two actors who played Lionel Jefferson on the Jeffersons. The two actors? Mike Evans and Damon Evans. They're not related. It seems it's still a bone of contention--the level of ire is still at a prime Becky level.

Damon Evans was the second Lionel Jefferson. His run was a good one, from 1975 to 1978. Despite Evans bringing a different energy to the character of Lionel, many felt that the originator Mike Evans was Lionel Jefferson.

Update: Despite the Mike Evans's abrupt exit, he wasn't pulling a Caruso. Evans was the co-creator of the classic sitcom Good Times and departed to go work with the program. Evans's second stint as Lionel ran from 1979-1981. Mike's been a bit camera shy of late so if there's a Jeffersons reunion of some sort, Damon Evans probably will be Lionel.

Worst Dad Ever: George Jefferson didn't care who played the part of his only son...
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