Sunday, October 09, 2005

Exit Stage Outta There

You know, thinking about Lionel and of course the two Captain Stubing's, it reminded me of a few actors who left or were asked to leave a series. Not sure on the particulars on the below examples but I wasn't really sanguine over any of these departures.

That's character actor Louis Giambalvo. He played editor Norman Keil, Hannah's boss on Anything But Love. Forget about exit stage right, he damn near evaporated. When the show came back the following fall, there was no sight of Giambalvo. He was replaced by the "hip" Ann Magnuson. Goody, the show took a header shortly thereafter.

The Good News: Although Giambalvo has yet to land a slot on a long-running program, in a parallel universe, The Louis Giambalvo Variety Hour pulls in great ratings. Also if any programming says either or both, "hip" and Ann Magnuson in the same sentence, run like the wind.

Our modern day Einstein Eriq LaSalle once said that Noah Wyle was the future of ER. I disagree, I think it could have been Kellie Martin, Omar Epps or as pictured, Jorja Fox. After a forced union with John Carter wasn't in the cars due to Maggie's sexual orientation; Doyle went down the ER chute of characters with no storyline/future.

Upgrade: Fox appears on CSI; you know the show that gets great ratings while ER clings to life.

Here's the big one. Those are pictures from the original cast from Life Goes On. Monique Lanier played the first Paige. I've got to say I had a big crush. Lanier was replaced by Tracey Needham for the reminder of the series. Needham certainly is talented but for me it wasn't the same.

Well, well, well look what I found. I had no idea. Lanier released this CD a couple of years ago. Very cool cover.
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