Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Holly Hallstrom v. Bob Barker: Case Closed

This case had been in the courts for years. Former the Price is Right hostess Holly Hallstrom sued the "beloved" Bob Barker on the grounds of an unfair dismissal among other things. For those who are queasy, perhaps it might be best to turn away. We're going to tell the truth on Bob. Well, Holly claims that Bob hasselled her about her weight gain. In fact in 1995, he was cracking wise on Miss Hallstrom. In the archival footage we can see Bob filled with rage. If he thought he was going to escape from justice, he had ten another thinks coming.

Here's the deal, Hallstrom was of the more popular Barker Beauties. She was the hot redhead of the classic lineup that also featured Dian Parkinson and Janice Pennington. Anyway Holly was relieved of her duties by 1995 after 18 years. Where's about Bob? Still doing dirt. He was sued by Parkinson too as well as many other folks, here's what some of have to say about him...

"Barker is probably the most vicious man I've met in my life,"

'My God, what a monster.'"

"He's a slippery devil,"

We're talking to you, Bob Barker. The good news? According to her recent interview with a regrettably sober Pat O' Brien, Hallstrom won her case. The total was between 5 and 10 million dollars. That's fantastic. Bob is still wasting time on his horrible show. Bob Barker can run, he can hide, he can run some more and hide again if he likes, but we're all sickened by him.
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