Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Everyone Loves the Sound of Air Guitar

Ok, he looks like a jerk.

Given these kooky times, one thing leads me to believe America will continue to prosper. That thing is Air Guitar. Although I haven't been inflicted with the fever, I have to applaud those nifty folks who let their Air Guitar flag fly. You know how much I like them? I broke them down into categories so they can be easily detected and not scorned.

The Lifer- This is the guy who's gone from everything from Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin to whatever newer stuff strikes his fancy. His style isn't as precise as the Air Virtuoso, but it's close. Although he talks a good game about not doing it, play some Jeff Baxter, you'll see some head nobbing, wistful smiles and perhaps, some tears.

The Air Virtuoso- This is the gold standard. The Air Virtuoso likes the finer things in life and Guitar is just one of them. At this point, he's beyond the likes of Van Halen, etc, he's only more attuned to players like John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth and Santana. The Air Virtuoso also has a vast array of facial expressions, nimble fingers and head shakes. It's a treat to be in the same world as the Air Virtuoso, he's walking art.

Dancefloor Guitar Man- The DGM has a particular love for the rhythm guitar part of the song and treats his fellow dance floor denizens (party people) to his highly-trained ear and his sense of frivolity. Patented steps are included in Dancefloor Guitar Man's arsenal. With his surgeon's concentration and his agile moves, Dancefloor Guitar Man's moves are expected and reluctantly enjoyed.

Words from a Legend: For his 1981 album, "That's What Time It Is" Johnny Guitar Watson included "Do the Guitar." In the song Watson layed out instructions to enhance the virtual guitar experience. You know what this is? Conformation that a kooky personality flaw got the A-OK from a genuine guitar player.

Brother in Arms: Jon Farriss from INXS. Got Sticks No Kit
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