Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chuck Berry: Potty Misdeeds

Chuck Berry and Keith Richards in a scene from the 1988 documentary Hail! Hail! Rock N' Roll.

We all know Chuck Berry always had an unctuous, seamy undercurrent about him. By 1990 we all knew that he was a big 'ol freakazoid. What did Chuck do? Well some bad, bad stuff that finally caught up to him in 1990. Berry apparently installed cameras in the bedroom and bathrooms of his home at Berry Park as well as his restaurant, Southern Air. Why? He wanted to check women out in various states of undress and bathroom goings on. Now, his home I can understand, but a nice family restaurant like Southern Air? This time, it's personal. 200 women eventually were involved in the case. Things seized in of Berry's case included videotapes, slides, books, hash and lots of money. 1990 seemed to be a horrible public relations year for Berry. During this time more pictures (of Chuck and various women) were taken from his estate and were released in a magazine. Sadly some of those pics are still availible on the 'net. Seeing Chuck Berry in the nude, now that's a crime.
Southern Air has since closed its doors, we can thank Peepin' Chuck for that. Berry is still performing and getting on everyone's nerves.

Uh oh, don't let Chuck see this, he'll erase over it and add to his "stash."
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