Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Barry Williams Files

Crazy Barry Williams...

"...Now the party’s jumping, the place is packed/And when the crowd’s like this, I’m ready to rap...." Of course those are words from Whodini’s Jalil Hutchins. What does this have to do with Barry Williams? Absolutely nothing.

Barry Williams. He's canny, he's crafty and at this point, he's able to infiltrate any part of society he sees fit. You know Barry Williams don’t you? He played eldest son Greg Brady on the Brady Bunch from 68-74. Through various reunion shows like the not have bad “The Bradys” from 1991, we’re reintroduced to Greg Brady as well as Barry Williams. It’s got to stop. I knew we were heading into big time trouble when Williams was on a recent PBS special/telethon talking about the days of disco. He also performed with France Joli. Here's a question? Did anyone even think about Greg Brady during the disco era? Nope. From my vantage point, Williams is indeed stealthy. He’s one part Greg Brady (a fictional character), Johnny Bravo (the alter-ego of said fictional character) and he's Barry Williams (menace to society). That's three folks right there. I’m totally scared of 2 and a half of them.

Fast Fact: Barry Williams appeared in Peter Gabriel's "The Barry Williams Show." The song was about declining televison morals by way of trash-talk shows. Apparently Peter didn't know about a famous Barry Williams. Regardless, the name "Barry Williams" didn't work for me even phonetically. Williams did appear in the video. Peter. Peter Brady. Sunshine Day, the Silver Platters, Marcia, help!
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