Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm Not Underemployed, I'm Unemployed!

Tell me that pic's not guffaw worthy. I shamefully stole it from the good folks at corporatemofo.com. That about sums it up I'm afraid, empty change purse and all. Change purse, that's not a word you hear everyday. Change purses were all the rage and then they just disappeared. Well anyway, you know how a song might remind you of love. I don't. The below songs are what I'm relating to...

"...You'll see me standing in front of a bus stop booth
with a sign that reads will work for food
and later I'll take my place around the trash barrel fire
where's the pot of gold for a street man named desire...."

Oh my goodness, what optimism. That snippet comes from the group the Pirates of Mississippi and is from their 1992 hit, "Street Man Named Desire." It's so rare to come across self-pity so pronounced you can smell it. It's always rare I can pronounce a song, "spot-on." Of course I can't agree with everything here. My name's not Desire, I'm not a "street man." The "will work for food" part? I'm on it...

"...Well, I ain't Goldfinger and I ain't Joe Fashion
And you can't buy much with the checks I'm cashin'.
So, people, if you wonder why I'm a-ridin' with a smile
It's 'cause my little Baby loves me Cadillac Style..."

Hoo hah hah, that's funny. That comes from Sammy Kershaw's 1991 hit, "Cadillac Style." It's clear that Sam isn't as far down as me or the Foggy Mountain Boys. I have no idea why I'm referencing country music lyrics, perhaps it's a cry for help. Back to the song, I love it. I'm particularly taken with, "...And you can't buy much with the checks I'm cashin'." You said a mouthful. Whenever I hear the song I think of someone cashing one of those empty ass checks, buying groceries and not having enough to get nothing. Being in my "business" newspapers, magazines, etc aren't adverse to mailing you something close to nothing. In the song, certainly the protagonist doesn't have a whole heck of a lot, but given the automotive as sex references, he's not complaining too much. Here's another...

"...Well, I ain't Burt Reynolds and I ain't Tom Selleck;
I got bills up the pike and my car's an old relic..."

Bills up the pike? Old relic? Can't decide what's more hilarious...
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