Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Joe Torre is distraught. He just found out the All Music Guide pulled my review of the Trammps's "Mixin' it Up"

Ahh, look what you've done to him. Posted by Hello

You know you’ve done something mighty wrong to make Joe Torre cry. I used to write for the All Music Guide from 2000 to 2003. I did a lot of 70s and 80s R&B stuff. I was given das boot, well ‘cause. It’s fine to let me go—but the Trammps reviews? That’s when you get my dander up. And by the way, what is dander?

Anyway back to the Trammps. It seems that in recent years AMG has concentrated more on “rock roll” than anything else. All of the other work in the various genres is totally perfunctory and often insulting, especially in the R&B department. So that’s why the world, the Trammps and Joe Torre are upset, no review of Mixin’ It Up.
I got something. A review; look it….

Hard Rock and Disco-The song is as odious as the title. This attempted to merge two different styles. It didn’t work. It's horrible but yet cringe worthy enough to seek out.

VIP- VIP is one of the last gasps of that classic Philly sound. This is straight up enjoyable and danceable track. A nod to the present/future was represented in the synth structures that weren’t unlike the stuff Solar was doing at the time. Arranger Vince Montana pulls the track back into prime-Philly with an emotional string arrangement. There’s about three guitars on here, all great stuff. Kind of sad Philly couldn’t of retained some vestige of this style...

Music Freek- This track isn’t as good as “VIP” though certainly not disposable. I do love this line, “Everybody has their favorite music/Big band, rock, whatever turns you on/As for me I just like to boogie/Dancing at the disco all night long.” This has the newer, funky style—but it’s not faceless or horrible.

The rest of Mixin’ It Up isn’t so hot, here’s some other great stuff

The Trammps-III 1977
The Trammps-The Best Of- 1978
The Trammps-The Whole World’s Dancing 1979

See, I ain’t playing. I love this stuff.

See, a song on this album talked about mixing musical styles and look! There's a cartoon mixer. Great! Posted by Hello
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