Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Charlie Moore has some lessons for you. Sadly they have nothing to do with book learnin'...
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I was under the impression that “The Head of the Class” actually had a batch of good episodes. After catching the whole, sad thing it seems I was wrong. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my ability to totally remember “Class” is seriously impaired. In the series Hesseman played Charlie Moore, a failed actor who became a substitute teacher for some of the gifted students at Monroe /Millard Fillmore High.

I’ve always been a fan of Hesseman’s work. He was one of the best things about the classic sitcom WKRP. “Head of the Class” found Hesseman a few years after his Kamikaze mission on “One Day at a Time.”

If there’s one thing that’s freaked me out about Hesseman’s portrayal, it was his phony smile. We saw it on those nifty credits and we certainly saw it more and more during the end of his “HOTC” run. Hesseman bailed out on the kids in the fifth season and was replaced by Billy Connolly, whose Irish brogue was so overdone he sounded like an old lady.

In the most revolting news, it turns out Charlie didn’t make it back on the show’s final episode. Damn him!
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