Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pop Culture Idiot: Moment of Shame, Growing Pains: Old Time Rock and Roll

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Oh the indignity. Who can forget this massacre. Let's be real. Growing Pains was pretty much a Cosby Show knockoff for another network. The good news? The Seavers were probably better parents than the Huxtables. They certainly weren't as annoying and Carol Seaver didn't treat Jason like a total idiot (see Cliff and Clair.) Anyway that doesn't excuse the tragedy that occurred when Jason and wise cracking son Mike decided to sing together. This actually happened on the second season premiere. More often than not shows wait until the fourth or fifth season to drop such an S bomb.

(The Pop Culture Idiot pauses, sniffles and then continues.) What happened? Well for the Jason and the Cruisers episode, Jason got together with his old college band. Wow. All of the fake camaraderie and the other players in the episode are all forgotten. What's remembered? The sight and sound of Jason and Mike, Thicke and Cameron singing Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll." Together. The horror, the flashbacks. In fact I can still here Alan Thicke piling it on, singing about his "Old Time Rock n' Ro" like someone gave a damn. Cameron? He was probably on automatic pilot thinking of all of the offers that were coming in. And when we think about it, is anything cooler than singing with your dad? Yep, you're right, everything is cooler than singing with your dad....
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