Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Caitlin Keats: You Had Me At Low Risk of Sexual Side Effects...

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Caitlin Keats. Great name, is she great looking or what? I love her voice too. Although the folk(s) who come to the Pop Culture Idiot want to hear this Idiot ramble on about stuff like bootleg albums or Morey Amsterdam, I had to take the time out and say, yeah wow--she's hot.

You've probably seen Keats in Kill Bill Vol 2. She's also in a few commercials like Oil of Olay, Wellbutrin-XL and Nationwide. Great all around and smoking hot. Well I can't use Oil of Olay or Nationwide but that nerve medicine stuff is totally in the picture. Sounds like a plan. I don't want to have a wong malfunction trying to improve on my "funny moods."
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