Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Zack Attack Reunion: Cancelled

Famed LA music man, Skitch Rendoza passed along some particularly sad news. It turns out that Zach from the early 90's mega band, Zack Attack has died. Despondent over declining record sales and zero interest in his gone-gone career, Zack was "talking" and "acting" crazy, brandishing a firearm and well, you know the rest...

At its peak, Zack Attack was comprised of Zack, Lisa, Screech, Kelly Kopowski and Slater. Despite popular opinion, the band's Bayside alum Jesse wasn't a part of the band and at the time called the whole idea, "corny." Zack Attack's run of chart success was brief and no doubt they couldn't maintain the greatness exhibited on the ponderous hit single and video "Friends Forever." Fans may remember the late ax man Zack so attached to his guitar that he couldn't bare to play without looking directly at it, like he was some kind of novice or something.

Universal/UMG/ABC/MCA/Duke/Decca/Peacock/Polygram will issue a 2 CD compilation covering the group's heyday as well as 15 unreleased tracks from the same time period. An insider also told the Pop Culture Idiot that there were zero plans for any reissues before the tragedy, they just wanted to cash in on Zack's ultimately demise to fill their coffers.

Bonus: Mr. Belding will not be available for any help with the liner notes. He was also claimed in the blast...
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