Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Daddy: Another B- Movie I Can't Forget

Check out Bobby's silly hat... Posted by Hello

Daddy, you remember this don't you? Besides being the film depicted in this odd picture, it was an ABC movie from 1987. This tells the compelling story of one Bobby Burnette, played by Dermot Mulroney and how the choices of high schoolers affect their whole lives. Well not really. It's truly about a dolt(Mulroney) who knocks up his "girlfriend" Patricia Arquette and gets a good taste of hell on earth late '80's style.

Although Daddy is a pretty cut and dry "don't do it" movie of the week, the nuances made the film especially vivid, if not a little uncomfortable. Bobby Burnette in particular was an involving character, he straddled the line between jerk/geek/moron/asshole in lightening precision. Certainly the Burnette family weren't the Rockefellers but a certain classism existed between what Bobby could have been vs Stacy, well, as is.

Unlike a lot of humorous movies remotely in the vein, Daddy is an unintentionally hilarious one. After finally getting an apartment and raising the world's most moronic child, Bobby gets some money and proceeds to blow his wad on longbox CD's and stereo equipment doomed to be outdated by 1989. I always wondered what CD's he got. Eric Clapton "Behind The Sun" to zone out to and knowing him Tina Turner's "Break Every Rule." I can hear young Bobby now, "Private Dancer was totally bogus, this is so hard-core..."

Despite having Coach Jacobs (Danny Aiello) as a moral center, Bobby and Stacy were doomed. The last scene told it all. Having a child put the skids on Bobby's dreams and he ended up working at an ice cream shop. To add insult to injury one of Bobby's friends stops by making like McKenzie Brackman and looks at his former bud with nothing but pity. Bet those two didn't stay in touch...

And: The last pic at the bottom of the above pic was Mulroney at the infamous ice cream scene. Big Dope, dictionary, you figure it out. Sometimes I wonder where Mulroney's dopiness and Bobby's stupidity begin and end.

Who Else Is In This: John Karlen of Cagney and Lagey fame. His role is certainly not unlike Harvey Lacey, probably a little less irritating. Got to mention Noelle Parker. Don't really remember her in the movie--but she's the reason why this pic is on the net.
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