Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Beverly Hills 90210: The "Switch It Up" episode.

"Kind of Watching It TV" will be a companion piece to the much loved, “Half Awake Cinema” where I review movies that I’ve watched “half-awake” therefore truly incapable of giving a detailed review. There's really one thing to say about this episode of action packed TV: Switch It Up!

This "Beverly Hills 90210" centered on a killing at Shaw High School. Oops. It left a couple of folks dead. Why was West Beverly involved? Well West Beverly and Shaw were on the schedule to have a football game. My goodness. During a certain point in this series the writers decided to give Brandon Walsh a few more IQ points and in the spirit of that, they made him a writer on the West Beverly Blaze. With the smoke of the LA riots in the air, Brandon simply asked, “Why?” Why are we separated? What are we going to do?

While Brenda, Kelly and Donna were too busy with their petty little lives, it turns out Brandon had a like-minded friend at Shaw, Jordan Bonner. The two butted heads; challenged one another and while the West Beverly students were quaking in their boots; Brandon tossed off his plan in his commentary: Let’s invite the Shaw kids to our dance. Lovely. Tension was in the air during the night of the dance. The gymnasium never looked so spiffy though and of course West Beverly resident B boy David Silver was the master of ceremonies. Earlier he was “warming it up” giving everyone a taste with his, “Mike Check, I’m running mike check.” As soon as the testy and or goofy Shaw kids piled in and things got “in order” David and his “band” got in the zones and performed, yes, “Switch It Up.” David’s manager Steve Sanders looked on, Donna and one of the girls Brandon and David started to "throw down."

After a while, it was nothing but a party. Some “tough” looking guy walked up to Silver’s board, Steve was like “No, no, no,” but the dude tweaked a few sliders and David sounded all better. Soon the groove was clinking and the tweaking dude bum rushed the stage and busted a few lines with David. At the same time, the dance floor/gym was packed; everyone had such a good time. Jordan and Brandon seemed proud. Oh yeah, the football game was held later, on as advertised...

Inspirational Moments: In this episode Brandon drove past the charred remains of his beach house boss Henry Thomas's sporting good store. It’s a sad thing, but everyone forgot how that guy overcharged anyway.

What’s Sad: What else, Steve Sanders’s wardrobe? Both Dylan and Brandon had a good array of early ‘90s fashion, probably about 30% you could conceivably get away with now, (ok 5%.) But Steve’s clothes were always a gaudy, garish mess. He’s the male version of Andrea in that department. Sorry AnDREh...
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