Monday, August 11, 2014

The Crap Factory That's Also Called The View

  Oh hi. You know, my staff just alerted me about the miscarriages of justice happening on the View. The View? I'm stunned there's so much chaos, this was one of our class TV programs. Well anyway, some interns gave me the run-down on what's happened this eventful summer!!

In May, Miss Barbara Walters took it to the ranch and decided to leave. The View had a special 1 hour special. It was big doings. Elvis said goodbye to Barbara via satellite from Hawaii, a bunch of anchor women appeared on stage as well as all of the past and present hosts of the View. The most hilarious thing? Hillary Clinton showed up, Sherri Shepherd did the unthinkable and called her by her "first name" and she got scolded by Barbara. Ha! Sherri started to cry too, damn fool. Well anyway, after Miss Barbara schooled her ass and the show declined post-haste.

The Long Hard Slog: If it's humanly possible, the show declined without Barbara Walters. The View was secretly auditioning folks, just because. The list of people were loathsome and included the heretofore useless Bill Rancic and Still Kind of Fat Ross Matthews. As a man, can I tell you I don't want to see a man on the View. What for and why? I don't know what Bill Geddie's thinking about. He must be "hitting the stem" like it's 1990 something, nothing makes sense.

It's Starting to Make Sense: Children's summers were spoiled in late June with the awful news that Sherri Shepherd announcing she was leaving the View. Oh no. As soon as Sherri's news was hot off the presses, Jenny McCarthy tweet/Twittered that she was leaving if  her dummy in arms Sherri was leaving. Turns out the mucky-mucks at ABC had reached McCarthy's decision for her, she was out too--after only a year.

The Worst News of All: You think this is all bad? Guess what happened in July? The folks at the View brought back Rosie O' Donnell from peaceful obscurity. You remember Rosie? She's the one who imploded the show back in olden day with her ol' funny moods, gloomy set changes and her general pleasing personality. Some would say that O' Donnell pretty much ruined the View. She did--and now she'll be back...

My Take: The show is over. Throughout the summer months they've been auditioning different women and it all sucks..

Coming Up: How Bill Geddie lost his gig and Sherri's long overdue goodbye...

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