Saturday, July 13, 2013

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaves The View

Here's some good news, co-host of the View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck left the View after nearly ten years. That's the spin. The truth? Elisabeth Hasselbeck's contract (contrack) wasn't renewed months ago and they've been biding time so she could have a respectful exit. It doesn't matter, gone is gone.

On the program, the ladies strolled out like it was going to be a nothing show--but right off something looked off and within 30 seconds in, the bomb was dropped, Hasselbeck is going to Fox News. Yay. Turns out, Elisabeth is going off to Fox and Friends to replace Gretchen Carlson. In short, Gretchen Carlson's getting booted to her "own show" to make room for Hasselbeck. Elisabeth's goodbye lasted nearly ten minutes. Ten minutes we will never get back again.

What Did We Learn: If you're fluent in television speak (what said and not said) you learn "a bunch." It is painfully clear that fellow Republican Bill Geddie made Hasselbeck stay on years after her usefulness was dunzo. It was Walters and Geddie who somehow changed the View into a political show and Hasselbeck was the lone voice on the Right. We saw that Joy Behar (her brain never came back from 2006's summer break) and Hasselbeck are "friends." More surprisingly Hasselbeck had some kind words for Whoopi Goldberg and she responded in kind.

To add unnecessary drama, Sherri Shepherd didn't show up as a silent protest. That let's you know the exit was all ABC's doing. I wonder what Sherri did on her day off? She probably rooted through her husband Sally's "private" drawers and saw his porn stash. Oh no, call CSI:SUV!

 Why She Has To Go: It's simple. No one likes Elisabeth Hasselbeck. In fact, her Q score is reportedly  dismal--and those are important. In a way, Hasselbeck's been on a downward slide since her horrifying fight with Rosie O' Donnell. It wasn't enjoyable to watch--and clearly that fight brought out the worst in her as she's been giving to nasty asides, sour attitudes and a combative nature even since. Sadly on a recent show,  Hasselbeck brought up El DeBarge's "kids" during an interview. Low--and uncalled for.

Where Are All My Friends: In her exit, there was no fanfare, no guests like Regis yukking it up. If I'm mistaken there was nothing, it was business as usual. Hasselbeck had gotten to the point where she was damaged goods/poision to not only the View but ABC/Disney as well. Her fans were dwarfed by the number of people who disliked her. In the end, her exit is not surprising but it is years overdue.

My Take: Good riddins! Just desserts! Auf Wiedersehen!
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