Saturday, September 01, 2012

Randy Jackson- Out at American Idol: An Overview for Dyslexics

I told my staff not to give me any bad news and look what happened? It looks like our friend Randy Jackson got fired from his American Idol. Jackson had been with the show since its inception in 2002, you know, the year Clay Aiken won but they gave it to Ruben Studdard? Yeah that far back.

Jackson, a producer and renowned rock roll bassist was part of the judging trimarvite that also features Simon Cowell (from the Cowsills) and Paula Abdul (envoy.) With his stout bearing and boisterous, annoying voice, Randy's advice was often the words of a simpleton. When his choppy sentences didn't do, he began using catchphrases like "Yo Dawg," "We've got a hot one right here," and the telling, "This show's fixed!"

As the judging teams changed, Jackson's role also transformed. During his last few seasons with Jennifer Lopez ( movie's Selena) and Steven Tyler (Hannah from Ryan's Hope)  Randy assumed a blistering, curt attack style like his date-mate Simon Cowell. This fact was so apparent that the maddening crowds at American Idol were loath to let him talk. Fans of intelligent conversation call that time, "the good old days."

In the time between the 11th and 12th seasons, Mariah Carey was named as a judge. Jackson and Carey go back to the 1850's. At the news of his signing, it was expected that those two folks would have old home week and talk about totally uninteresting things together. It was no to be. As of this writing, Jackson is off the team, field and roster. The only thing left is a vague "mentoring" job that was done solely to shut his big fat face up and let him limp off the show with dignity.

My Favorite People Ever: With reports of crazy folks like Keith Urban, Nicky Minaj and Kanye West reportedly offered a hosting gig, the pic on the left remains my favorite lineup. So much so I'm going to watch clips of them crushing dreams one by one and remember them when!

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