Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Revolution Is Sadly Televised

Oh hi. Did you know that One Life to Live was cancelled. Oh goodness, let's not call it that. I don't know about you but I'm going to miss Doug Williams and Reva. One Live to Life One Life to Live was replaced by this turkey, the Revolution. Let's see what this show's about! Follow me!

The Revolution deals with self-empowerment and the big issues in an entertaining, multifaceted way. And not surprising, it's just as odious as the idea and the true meaning of that sentence. Clearly Gunn and Pennington are the most recognizable of the hosts and the ones who actually have a hook albeit a boring one in this context. Gunn brings his often fastidious and ambivalent energy to the proceedings. You can tell he's no actor because you can tell he often just doesn't care. The best thing so far is the fact that Gunn took up the show's precious time to tell us (again) that he's celibate and he been for quite some time. Well, we can safely chuck that in the Too Much Information files.

Pennigton's role is a bit sketchier. Without a work crew to harass or a house to build, the Revolution doesn't seem to know what to do with him. In one episode he was talking about his dating woes  and another he was back to his old ways, fixing up dusty old rooms. The problem? No one really has a set purpose here. In fact those master chefs, Tim and Ty were together in a segment making meatloaf together. Meat turned into loaf, how prescient, how divine!

The other help gurus here are just there. There's a chrome-domed exercise guy, a tight as a drum doctor lady and a sister with braids. While Gunn and Pennington aren't exactly setting the world on fire the other three work as well as gross of Tylenol PM. 

Here's a clip from the audience of the Revolution during a "fun" cooking segment.They look excited!

Grade: **1/2
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