Saturday, December 03, 2011

Evening Magazine Interview - Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner (1981)

Oh hi. Look what I founded on the YouTubes, an interview of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner for Evening Magazine. You remember Evening Magazine don't you? It was a syndicated show with stars and whatnot. For this episode we had separate interviews of Wood and Wagner discussing their marriage. I'll discuss their marriage too. She could have done better! But I digress...

Got to say Robert Wagner was really candid in this interview whatever he wanted to be or not. He mentioned that the first marriage was filled with his insecurity (about things) and his jealousy. According to rumor, the first marriage busted up because Nat caught "RJ" in bed with a man. Ha!

In clinical terms, Robert Wagner sure looked crazy in the face during this interview. Oh he was a mess. We could see he was sluggish and bloated. And his eyes--you could see the anger right under the surface despite his bone tired, bon vivant attitude. This time "stamp" is important. I've seen pics of Robert Wagner from earlier times being tagged as close to the accident. They really weren't. This is the Robert Wagner who did God knows what that evening in question. At the very least? He didn't help or search for his wife in a timely manner. It looks all kinds of bad.

As for Natalie, she looks great here. She's on the set of Brainstorm with co-star Christophen Walken. Walken ended up Splendour that night in question too. Good lord. From the interview (done by Maria Shriver when she was 9) I found out that RJ visited the set of Brainstorm, in North Carolina. Oh wow, I wonder how that went. In any event, Natalie's not saying anything out of the ordinary, in fact she does look like a woman devoted to her husband and family.

On the other hand, RJ Wagner looks especially unctuous in this clip. I can't get over it. Him and those damn scarves. A young Maria Shriver wasn't really the one to cut through Wagner's BS--but it's here. By contrast, Wood doesn't give stock answers, is actually present during the interview, etc. Back to Wagner, whatever he was coming off an especially taxing shoot of that silly Hart to Hart show or what have you--he looks awful here. I think he may be drunk or suffering from the effects of drinking. I told Marcus Welby to look at the clip and he agreed!

Oh Yeah- Wood was still shooting Brainstorm when it all happened on November 28, 1981. After years of speculation, the case has been reopened.
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