Monday, July 25, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama/The Bacholerette/Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Is it possible TV's getting worse? Why can't people be entertaining like my Shania Twain. Here's a few shows that have caused me mental distress...

Sweet Home Alabama- You know it's bad when they're copying horrific shows like The Bachelorette If that program is too citified for you, here this is. The southern slant of this show is a bit overwrought and demeaning. At the center of it, of course a woman looking for love. That's boring ol' Devin Grissom, she's single, from Alabama and has to pick the man of her dreams from a bunch of creeps who applied on a reality show. Love sucks! In this show you see a lot of trucks, outside scenes, cowboy hats. It's charming, if charming means toxic.

Who's that, who's there? Well that pick is a bastion of diversity isn't it. All of those different nationalities makes me happy,  Keep on Truckin' America! To make matters worse, Sweet Home Alabama has employed a  North vs. South energy to the proceedings. Nice.

Grade *

The Bachelorette- Pictured are two folks from that hideous show The Bachelorette, They were doomed. I have to admit I love seeing couples with botched chemistry, like these two. It seems that Brittany, Amber, That Lady, Ashley Hebert likes weird/ nervous men with shaggy hair. Ames was not that guy. According to my staff, Ames was a dead man walking during this relationship. Matter of fack, Ashley just held on to him for pity's sake, nothing else. After meeting Ames's parents, the reality phase of their "relationship" had begun, it was goodbye time. Ames was denied at the rose ceremony and grinned the weirdest smile ever.
I'll tell you what, he didn't feel good after the truth sank in and he was in a limousine with his thoughts and personal effects. In fact, it turns out his smile was facade. As the rubber hit the road his moronic smile faded into tears.  Like the rest his exit interview was filled with what for's, why's and what's. It's all over but the shouting. There's no love match between these two, never more!

Grade **
Gene Simmons Family Jewels- The other shows were minor annoyances, this is the program that's made me cry myself to sleep. I haven't been the same since I got to see Gene get his cry on a few episodes back. Unlike most of his recording career, it was warranted. Gene attended the grave site of the father he never met. Did you know Gene's father was philanderer and had a lot of kids and he was a disappointment to his families? Mirror!

  Meanwhile back in California something crazy is going on. According to a little birdy, his girlfriend, the lovely Shannon Tweed clicked on the TMZ and saw Genie Gene cavorting with some young ladies probably born in the 90s. Doggone it. What happened after that was some gripping reality TV drama. Between you and me, I think the TMZ clip was a ruse. I think Shannon Tweed got some more hard evidence of Gene's  just "hanging out" with women. Big shock huh, he's been doing that since always...

What was interesting is how his family reacted to Gene being a dirty, lying, cheating snake in the grass. Unlike a lot of "scripted" reality dramas, we saw the family's disappointment on their faces. It was palpable--and that's very interesting. While some people said it was fake, I don't this so, really. I've seen all of Shannon's episodes on 1st and Ten and she's not that good of an actress. Really no one is. And you know what? I'm very cynical and hate mostly everything but seeing this kind of familial disarray was oddly upsetting to me.

Grade *** 1/2

An Update: Here's a recent clip, looks like they're doing good!

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