Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You Tube Commercials

Oh hi. I've been wheeling and dealing. As a sideline gig and a break from my multi million dollar empire I decided to get into posting commercials n' stuff. I think it's fun. Here's a few of my favorites...

1970s Crest Commercial featuring Mr. Goodwin- Mr. Goodwin's a good man, a solid American if there ever was one (there's wasn't). Mr. Goodwrench  Mr. Goodwin was portrayed by character actor Arthur O' Connell. Goodwin was a fixture on mid to late '70s TV. Here's an earlier spot with O' Connell clearly feeling out this avuncular character. To be honest, Goodwin is a bit annoying here, a total busy body. I've got something to say to Mr. Goodwin: Mind your business!

Fun Fact: Arthur O' Connell filmed 326 Mr. Goodwin spots in one day. He was a warhorse.

1970's Prell Commercial- The 70s were my favorite era for commercials. In this era, Prell often have hair washing as an experience shared by couples. I haven't seen this before or since. This spot features one of my favorite actresses of the time. She (don't know her name) was also on a Clairol Frost and Tip commercial that was one YouTube for a bit. I searched and searched by alas, it's gone. I was so sad I peed my pants.

Part 2: I do have a copy of the Clairol Frost and Tip commercial but I can't use it because it's watermarked as someone else's.

Part 3: I'm a sad, sad man

1970s Dawn Commercial- You know what? I've seen a fair amount of Dawn commercials, about 50 or more and for some reason they are routinely boring, so boring. This is one exception. This commercial features actress Gail Strickland singing and dancing? Hilarious. Really it's actually kind of cool seeing her like this. Sadly the "dance" is interrupted by some crude animation of plates and grease grabbers. Damnit! It was just getting good!

1970's Air Force Commercial- Sigh, they really don't make them like this anymore. Really they stopped doing them like this by 1975 or so. I love the editing, pacing and cinematography here. This is basically a :60 recruitment spot done so well you almost forget what they're asking you to do: Hard ass work. Featured in the commercial is Diana Ross's 1970 hit "Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand) and it sure worked well here. The voice-over is done by Lorne Greene.

1970's Vicks NyQuil- It's very rare that I find a commercial cringe-worthy. This is one of the them and I couldn't be happier. This is from the 1970s, you'd think someone would have known better but clearly they didn't. This has two fake jazz artists "coughing/sneezing." Really there's no way this could have been done that wasn't insulting, to jazz, to head colds and to humans at large. All of these things make this a true genre classic. The genre? Horrible commercials.

Part 1: This features character actor Al Fann as the Satchmo manqué. I've seen the other guy on a 1978 Peppermint Patty commercial and after this, I'll see them both in my nightmares.
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