Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Paul Reiser Show/Perfect Couples: Cancelled

Guess what? I'm back in the big time. The folks over at NBC asked me to do yeoman clean up duties on their links. I had the grim task to update a present situation at the network. The only instruction were to not use my usual "gutter talk", speak in clear sentences and to break the news sensitively. How did I do? The very idea of this doomed series called to mind many other programs that were asshatty. Here's a few others, "The Paul Reiser Show" review included from me, a man who watches television.

The Paul Reiser Show- I've see a lot of shows for a lot of years, lot of years and the Paul Reiser show just isn't one of the worst. At least not content wise. Here's the back story. This show debuted on NBC in April replacing the hellacious "Perfect Couples". There was an outcry coming from those (two people) who actually liked "Perfect Couples." In fact, the age-ism thing was bandied about and if it hit, NBC didn't want an old like Paul Reiser to succeed on their network. Revolting. Guess what? They made sure that didn't happen. They did an amorphous ad campaign, put in an odd hour--and it didn't succeed. Shocker. And get this. The debut allegedly got the worst ratings of a regular show in NBC history. Really? In history? This is the network that gave us "Supertrain," "Me and Mrs C,"" Foul Ups, Bloops and Poop Stains" and this innocuous sitcom crapped out bestest? I don't believe it.

Ratings: "The Paul Reiser Show" reportedly got 1.1 million viewers and the second episode got 18% less than that. In other words: Goodbye.

My Take: I'll say it again--this wasn't awful, it just wasn't.

Grade: **1/2

Perfect Couples-Gone Part Deux- Well it's all over but the shouting for this one. Mind as well just break the set down, perhaps spare a coffee mug and bobble head for the mem'ries. It was a hard fought battle but "Perfect Couples" was finally cancelled. This piece of crap followed the lives of six 30 year olds, two married couples and one dating one. I'm falling asleep thinking about this. I think the initial spin for this sinker was that these characters were "real."Yeah real and insanely annoying.

Old Timey Shenanigans: While Paul Reiser Show at least had a cinéma vérité conceit, "Perfect Couples" was just a regular ol' shitcom. And really this show was so white it made Chandler Bing look like Shaka Zulu.

Grade *1/2
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