Saturday, October 02, 2010

Episode Review: Sanford and Son: The Merger

You know, I find it a privilege to watch these classic episodes in a world filled with poo-poo like Lone Star, Knight Rider II and that other show I can't think of. I was filled with trepidation watching this Sanford and Son episode from 1974. See, I like Julio and I like Lamont and Fred. How would they work together? I sobbed, did a gut check and then decided to watch the aforementioned episode.

The setup here was so-sitcomy. Both Lamont and Julio had grueling weeks in the junk business. Lamont has a brainstorm (first one) and decides to tear down the rickety old fence that separated the yards and make their two failing business into just one. Fred of course wasn't for it. The writers didn't give him much funny to say, except for this line about Rollo and a porn movie (probably unscripted, even Demond Wilson laughed) and that was it.

Not surprisingly, Julio (Gregory Sierra) had a lot of screen time in this. You know what? Julio is fine in small doses, but a whole lot of him could be tiresome. They wrote him so whiny in this. He did have the bright idea to have Sanford and Fuentes (rolls eyes) to make a tacky late night commercial, you know to play during those Ida Lupino movies. Fred, Lamont and Julio all filmed the commercial and of course chaos ensued. Hee hi hee hi hoo hoo, cough cough.

Things Learned: This episode had a lot of promise but ultimately fell into mediocrity. We did learn the big lesson that friends shouldn't be business partners. Julio and the Sanford's sure shouldn't have been.

More Stuff: Gregory Sierra, Julio, left the show during the 74-75 season to be Chano on Barney Miller. He then left Barney Miller to be on a show-lived ABC show A.E.S. Hudson Street. Julio's house was where the Sanford Arms took place.
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